Dr. Shovan Kumar Rath

Interventional Pain Specialist & Palliative Care Physician

Brief Profile:

Pain does not kill a person. But pain destroys a person'swill to live.

As an Anaesthesiologist with super specialty in Interventional Pain Management & Palliative Care, DrShovan Kumar Rath understands that chronic pain can lead to depression, anxiety, marital & interpersonal problems, decreased productivity, unemployment, compromised social roles, isolation, financial burden, dependence, prolonged analgesics usage, decreased self-esteem with behavioral changes adversely affecting quality of life (QOL) & activities of daily living (ADL). Hence, DrRath's ultimate goal is to cure and care for people suffering from pain, make them productive human beings for the society and increase their self-esteem so that they can live life as normal individuals.

In the absence of proper education among healthcare professionals and lack of awareness in the public mind in India, there is misuse of painkillers resulting in high incidence of complications like gastritis, kidney failure, and bone marrow depression.Interventional pain procedures score over both medicine and surgery, as they do not have side effects like medicines. These interventional pain procedures produce immediate pain relief, can be performed with ease without anesthesia as outpatient or daycare and procedure can be repeated safely if required.

Although tremendous scientific and technological advances have been made in the field of Pain Management, the knowledge and techniques are highly underutilized. This is due to lack of dissemination of information to clinicians. The skill of proper pain management lies not in ability to perform difficult advanced blocks but in the determination of appropriate diagnosis and therapeutic modalities.

About Pain Free Odisha:

Pain Free Odisha is an interventional pain management centre at Bhubaneswar, Odisha established & headed by DrShovan Kumar Rath.

Pain Free Odisha provides treatment for all kinds of chronic pain, like Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Joint Pain and Migraine, using non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures on day-care basis. The centre provides customised treatment to every patient for long-lasting relief from chronic pains.

This centre uses services of specialties such as neurology, psychology, physical therapy, orthopedics, anaesthesiology and neurosurgery. Patients simultaneously receive treatment for physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, vocational and social aspects of chronic pain cost-effectively. With interventional pain management, patients can get back to normal life.

Unfortunately awareness about pain management among medical professionals is very limited. In contrast to USA and other developed countries, Indian medical community is not aware of interventional pain management techniques which can be helpful for many patients suffering from intractable chronic pain.

Under treatment of pain is a major public health concern. It is a silent epidemic. Untreated pain destroys people's lives. It is cruel to deny people in pain, access to effective pain treatment. People should not be suffering needlessly. No one needs to suffer as so many good and effective treatments are now available at Pain Free Odisha.